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Oct 18, 2005

Welcome to RocktoberĖ the month so that rocks so hard I had to name it... well Rocktober. It remains one of my favorite months because things cool off to the point where I donít sweat just sitting there.

To help kick off the fall, I went to Las Vegas. It was hot and dry. They kept telling me to drink water so as not to dehydrate so I ordered a gin and tonic. During the visit, I found a new vice in video poker. The game reminded me a lot of my last girlfriend-- I kept putting in money and occasionally something good happened. Then, once I was out of cash, game over.

From there, I embarked on a bit of a wedding tour as a wave of friends are tying the knot. At the first wedding in Colorado, I made a very funny, and debatably inappropriate, toast and then hit the dance floor with my friendís mom. From there, I was off to Jersey where my childhood friend was trading in his bachelor pad for 30 year mortgage. I danced with his mom too.

The real shocker of these weddings were that some friends brought their kids... kids! I can barely tie my own shoes and these guys have children. Then my friends look at me like Iím irresponsible, but they donít look at all prepared to deal with children... so whoís the irresponsible one? Ha! I just bought myself another 6 months of self-content.

Iím now back in NYC working on new standup material and performing improv with my team at the Upright Citizenís Brigade. Lots of exciting stuff around the bend... stay tuned!


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