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Sep 7, 2005

Hey Gang!

Hope everyone had a great summer! Mine was full of travels and hearty guffaws– thanks to everyone who came out to my shows! Many have asked, how do I spend my days on the road. Hmm, lets see...

I started bikini season with a week of shows at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. My first hour in the casino I won $37 playing video poker and quickly decided I could make a living as a professional gambler. I spent the next six hours blindly feeding money into machines and ended the day with negative $68. I decided to stick to comedy.

Next stop, Buffalo, where I drove 30 miles to visit the place where the Buffalo Wing was invented, devoured a plate of “medium” wings and then went to Niagara Falls to wash the blue cheese off my face.

From there, I ventured to the South Bend, Indiana- home of my alma mater Notre Dame. Some of the football team was on campus working out and I kept asking them "how we looking this year, guys?". They just stared at me awkwardly and walked away. I guess they were really focused.

I then ventured to Montreal for the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival... what a great city! Super friendly people, great restaurants and amazing scenery. We all got a kick out of my attempts to speak French... at least I think they were laughing with me.

I wrapped the summer by recording my first CD, "Welcome to Somerville" at the Atlanta Punchline. There is nothing better than Atlanta in August for a pale, sweaty Irishman like myself. I spent the week drinking Gatorade and running from tree to tree to keep shaded.

And next thing you know, fall is here and I am no more tan than I was in June. Oh well! I have a lot of fun shows in the next few months so come on out to say hello and we'll make some more stories!

See you soon-


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