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Mar 8, 2006

My two month "Winter in Somerville Tour" is complete... thank you all for coming out to laugh! Here are some highlights from my travels...

United Airlines losing all my luggage in South Bend so I performed for two straight days in the same outfit.

The kid in Trenton who told me, "Keep your CD... just sign my Gameboy."

Getting escorted by State Police into the theater in Trenton... I'm still not sure who they think I was!

Having my high school religion teacher come see me perform at the University of North Carolina-- I've never been more aware of my language in my life!

Being asked to autograph a part of a woman's body in Las Vegas.

The awesome fans in Rutland, VT who came out in a snow storm to see the show.

Breaking into the hotel pool at 3am and swimming in that snow storm.

Falling asleep at 6:30am in the green room at the Bob & Tom Show when the producer woke me up and asked, "umm... are you gonna be funny?"

Thanks again to everyone for making it an amazing winter... stay tuned for details on summer tour dates!


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